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IFFI WINNER laurels - HMV Productions

One Down Clown

In this multi-award-winning animated screenplay, a shy little boy clown dreams of running away from the circus - and becoming an accountant. Can he summon the strength to break with tradition - and the long line of clowns who comprise his family - and pursue his true calling?

Hat Trick

A Hockey Mom, unfairly ejected from her son’s game, decides to settle her score on the ice - by secretly joining the town’s new (but beleaguered) all women’s league. The only catch: she’s never played hockey before. A family comedy about life, love - and the importance of good padding.

Life's a Mess


A busy doctor inherits the apartment of his oldest patient - and discovers she might still be calling the shots from the ever-after. His love life - and that of the personal organizer he's hired to help him out - are about to get feng shui'ed. A celestial romantic comedy.

Love Track

She's a New York attorney who's allergic to nuts; he's a famous country singer hiding from his public. Neither knows the other's real identity (who listens to country on the Upper East Side?). In this romantic comedy of errors, luggage and hearts are lost in Paris - can only one be reclaimed?

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