full-length stageplays. 

Wake Up!

Ida is hiding from her husband; a doctor is hiding from her wannabe-fiancé; and Nurse Candy just wants everyone to take their germs and go home. A comedy of manners where no one has any. Cast of 5 (2M; 3W). 82pp.

Face Your Space

A stage adaptation of the award-winning screenplay "Life's a Mess". A romantic comedy with a dead body, a Bronx apartment, and a doorman who thinks it's a good day for ducks. Cast of 4 (2M; 2W). 81pp.

Throw the Apples

It's Harold and Betty's 30th wedding anniversary - and as Harold will tell you: he should have been a Shaker (no children - just really good furniture). A comedy of errors featuring helicopter offspring, an air-raid siren of a baby, and a grown woman in a lobster suit. Cast of 6 (4M; 2W). 98pp.

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